Born in 1966 and growing up in Lincolnshire IL Bradd has always been interested in art. Bradd spent a lot of his childhood drawing, painting and sculpting. His mother is also an artist that would nurture his creativity.

Bradd pursued a B.A. degree in Illustration and graphic design attending Ray Vogue College of Design which is now part of The Art Institute of Chicago. He studied oil painting techniques from his teacher Conrad Hack. After graduating college he began a career in Chicago working as an Illustrator and worked with clients such as Coca-Cola, M&M Mars, Disney, Kraft and many others. Illustrating for an agency can take its toll and just didn’t fulfill the artistic outlet he needed and always had paintings going on the side. Moving to Denver, CO in the mid 90’s he continued a career in Illustration and eventually got very involved in computer graphics and web development. He started his own web development company called Wicks Web Solutions, LLC. while still painting and exploring different techniques.  Somehow torn between the real and surreal he tries to meld them together. He is trying to pull emotions from the viewer in the way of creativity and fantasy. Having artistic freedom and painting in oils helps define him and gives him almost a sense of purpose. Some of his paintings have been called disturbingly dark and others beautiful.

His artistic influences include Dali, Rembrandt, M.C. Escher, Pollack, Picasso, Chet Zar, and Van Gogh to name a few.